5 Indispensable Principles to help you Succeed on Iwriter.

5 Indispensable Principles to help you Succeed on Iwriter.


Are you a starving freelance writer?  You can’t get clients to come back? Are you finding it hard to succeed on iwriter? Well! Worry not.

Many great writers had to go through this, before they cracked the code and started racking in the big bucks. Personally I had a rather disheartening beginning, as I got banned due to low rating.

It was then that I cared to learn. The time I spent studying was tough but the fruits are sweet for now I am an elite plus writer at iwriter. The good news is that they are easy to learn and you can start today.

  1. Quality over quantity.

Every freelancer comes to the industry with hopes of making the big bucks, I did. This leads us to think quantity rather than quality. The mentality is; “if I can make 10$/article, with 10 articles I can make 100$ within no time”. While this is an ambitious approach, it’s wrong. See, the system values quality and only accepts quantity after the first criteria has been met. If you sell me a quality article, I will recommend your services to a friend. This in return will bring demand to your services hence increasing the price. So instead of spending 30 minutes on a low quality piece, set two hours to work on a masterpiece. The iwriter system is set such that if you write quality work you rise to a higher paying rank. If you get to the top most rank, you earn four times more than the standard writer for the same amount of words. You make 15$ for a 500 word article as an elite plus write, compared to 2.43 $ for the same as a standard writer.  This way, you only need less work to make hundred dollars. Fantastic, don’t you agree?

  1. Learn the inside business

Its lack of knowledge that gets most writers banned from iwriter. Take time to study the policies, the terms and conditions before you start writing. Don’t get excited and start writing before you know what it takes. You are risking articles getting rejected before you finally get banned due to low rating.  Avoid bad grammar, plagiarism, spamming and spinning and you have found success on iwriter.

  1. Discipline.

Freedom is a top motivator for every freelancer. But often we have false expectations. You will set your own time on when and where to work.  But discipline is paramount to make any significant income, sometime even working long and odd hours to meet your clients’ demands. This calls for commitment as your clients are now your boss. Failure to satisfy them leads to being sucked (informally).

  1. Improvement.

We are living in a fast world. Technology is changing the way we do things every day. To remain relevant in the freelance world, you need an evergreen mentality. With no formal system to keep you updated on the latest changes, it’s your duty to enlighten yourself. Learning everyday becomes part of your work schedule. This however is not hard since research is already in your daily routine, but can prove fatal to your career dreams if neglected. I usually set aside an hour of study daily.

  1. Focus.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. As you endeavor to be a great writer, it’s better to concentrate on a certain niche. This is my mentality; “it’s better to slay one giant goliath than to kill many insignificant philistines”. It earns you fame and the keys to a palace stacked with everything you desire. Choose an area you are already acquitted with, stick with it until you conquer it and watch profits scale up.

I have to admit these strategies are easier said than done, but what the heck, if they can turn your bank manger to a personal friend. Who cares how heavy a brick is, if it will build a strong mansion.


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