I Got Banned From Iwriter Due To Low Rating.

I Got Banned From Iwriter Due To Low Rating.

I signed up for iwrter with dreams of touching the world with my word prowess while making a name and some dollars.

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All was going well- 5 articles and four dollars under my belt.  Was starting to get excited, then one chilly cold morning, I type in my login details and what!!!? “You account is currently banned due to low rating”. And that my dear friends, was the end of that sad story- felt like a horror movie.  But it marked the beginning of a new one. One where I was forced to criss cross the World Wide Web in search for answers, I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I turned blogs and forums upside down, seeking clues and tips. It paid off.  Finally, I understood why iwriter bans writers; here my brothers and sisters are my findings:


I strongly believe this was the punch that knocked me out. Plagiarism can be simply put as the act of copying other peoples content and can be detected when four or more words looks exactly the same as others already published. It’s more of a copy and paste scenario. If you are familiar with iwriter you know every article submitted must pass through copyspace before the requester can evaluate it. Copyspace is the most trusted plagiarism checker.

The rule is simple; if the plagiarism trap catches you three consecutive times you are automatically banned.

What can I do?

To avoid plagiarism, learn how to do research and never copy paste any content. Invest in a copyspace account and check every article before you submit to ensure you are never caught.

Low quality-literally.

Besides plagiarism, low quality articles will also get you the boot. According to iwriter a rating below 3.2 after 10 reviews will subject your account to a ban. Moreover, a rating below 3.75 after 20 reviews will also result to a ban. The requesters rate every article that you submit from 1-5 with 5 being the best while 1 the lowest. The average rating is then calculated by dividing the sum of all the rating with the number of articles reviewed.

Additionally, the requester can push the spam button on you. I am not sure which criteria is used to determine when the requester is allowed to push that button, all I know  is that the spam button can send you home. However, this rarely happens but its worth to note that if a requester gets angry with you, perhaps due submitting spun or extremely low quality content he may just decide to send you packing.

What can I do?

More often than not low quality content is as a result of poor grammar. Take some time daily to improve your grammar. I spend an hour daily learning how to improve the quality of my articles.

Violating terms of use

As a common rule, no site will allow you to violate the terms of use.

What can I do?

It’s therefore advisable to read and understand the rules and regulations before you start working for iwriter or any other site for that matter.

What next?

If you already banned from iwriter, I suggest you send an email to the proprietor and argue your case if you feel the ban was not valid. Alternatively, some people have opted to open a new account and avoid the mistakes now that you understand them. Personally, I feel taking time to study and understand the world of writing before signing to iwriter or any writing sites is the way to go.  But these are the options in no particular order.

  1. Sign up for iwriter with a new account.
  2. Try other sites: demand media studios, zerys, grammar girl, constant content etc.
  3. Join bidding sites (my next move):freelancer.com, guru, elance, odesk etc.
  4. Start a blog: write about what you like and sell adverts or affiliate products.

There my friends are the major reasons why iwriter may have banned you and their possible solutions. I am not sure whether there exist other reasons, but am looking forward for your contribution on the comments for more details.

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29 thoughts on “I Got Banned From Iwriter Due To Low Rating.

  1. The same thing just happened to me today although I still think iwriter is a scam because I received a rating of 4 stars and a rating of 3 stars on 2 different articles I had written and my account is less than a week old.

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  2. Your account is currently banned due to your low rating does that means that in future it can be activated again or is it banned forever???
    personally what I hate is that they don’t even let you log in.I mean you want me to stop writing then ban me from writing anything that way you can also check the reason behind you ban and improve upon it.
    thanks by the way you gave me all the info in simple words and I think as you suggested I won’t get back to I writer unless i polish my skiils first


  3. I have been banned today , I really don’t understand why the did It I opened my account in 3 days ago and it happend to me, I am totally upset. If there is any other goog site like iwriter please let me know friends…

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  4. I think people could make more money walking the streets with their eyes on the ground looking for coins than waste time helping promote such sites when you could write solo ads to promote to a market of persons that are looking for valuable info to make a decision on buying a product.


  5. i have joined iwriter a week back. i have written 3 articles till now out of which one is selected and the other is under processing. but today at the time of logging in a popup showing “Your account is currently banned due to your low rating”. the reason for it is still unknown.


  6. my account has just got banned with 24 dollars and 8 articles under review.i had dedicated all my energy and resources but now am really down,kindly someone reach me thru waberas1992@gmail.com and advice me on what to do………. this is the msg i got from iwriter!!!!!!!!!!!

    .#232739]: kindly forward my payments $24 dollars for my iwriter banned account
    iWriter Support

    10:20 PM (7 minutes ago)

    to me

    Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming the receipt of your ticket. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. When replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject so that we can track your replies. You may reply by clicking “reply” inside your email client.

    Ticket ID: 232739
    Subject: kindly forward my payments $24 dollars for my iwriter banned account
    Department: iWriter.com
    Type: Issue
    Status: Open
    Priority: Low



  7. I just got banned, I had 2 stars and just when i got an e-mail awarding 4.5 more stars i got banned. F is that about


  8. i don’t understand.I just got banned today and i had 15 dollars in my account.Just because some idiot somewhere gave me one star because ONLY the title was short.And i know he/she used the article.I hate iwriter.Wasted my school time just to write and this is how they repay me.Stupid site!!!!!!Will they forward the money to my PayPal?


  9. I am nearly being banned for having 2.5 reviews with four articles. This is not fair. how does one create a new account? do you use the same information you had submitted when signing up for the previous one?


  10. Mine also got banned due to a ‘low rating’ of 3.9 after 10 reviews. Are you guys really being fair? If so, please make me understand coz I don’t.


  11. I got the same treat from Iwriter.I was curious and this got me into trouble.You know sometimes temptations makes us rush into doing a work that was awarded 3 hours in 2hours.We rush so that we may go to anothet article and at the same time earn more.
    Also, I was a beginner and I know that Iwriter is not the site to learn how to scribble unknown in the name of learning. Iwriter needs people who got a good master in languages especially English. I would thetefore not advice any person who is making the first entry to try this site.

    To sum up, there are many reasons as to why Iwriter account get banned.Among them include , plagiarism, poor quality and not following instructions on that given article.


  12. Since am here I may as well advice you.

    if you get a 3.4 rating before you get to your 20th article, you wont make it.

    A 3.3 by your 14 article. Dude, pack your stuff and leave.

    Make new jobs with a the account. Dedicate the jobs to your other account and then rate yourself 5stars till the money is gone.
    U will end up having a new account with better stars n some ur muller back.

    Use different pcs and networks. IP Issue.
    i also suggest that you learn the skill of article writing first, this tutorial by joseph En is good place to start
    make $25 per article: easy tutorial

    It worked for me.

    Good Luck.


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